Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mixed Media Journal Pages Take 5

I tried a new technique here (completely outside my comfort zone), inspired by Teesha Moore's fabulous journals.  I had taken limited craft supplies on holiday early this year and decided to cut up a few magazines and try this method.  Teesha's method is to cut colourful magazine strips to glue as a border onto a prepared background, adding paint, inks, etc.  For the flowers I used the negative of a chipboard sheet as a stencil after die cutting the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die, then painted and outlined.  Adding the cut outs and overlaying.  I enjoyed the process for the first time and will definitely have another try and see how it turns out.
Another venture with limited supplies on holiday.  Black ink,  paint brush, Pitt pens and  a few Caron Dache Neocolour II watersoluble crayons. I dipped a paint brush into the bottle of black drawing ink and squiggled all over to create areas. Starting with the right side and probably have overdone it with doodling.  After I had finished drawing this I then discovered a sort of Punch type face, (Punch and Judy) so decided he needed an eye. 
For the left side I decided to just draw overlapping hearts and colour in with light wash using the crayons and lots of ink splatters.  I like the left side much better. 
There are more pages, but not completed and ready to share yet.  Will be back with other stuff I have been playing with.  Until then....


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  1. Hi Sheelagh,
    Your Teesha Moore inspired pages are beautiful and I love your idea the negative of a chipboard sheet as a stencil. I've seen Teesha's lovely journal pages and watched her fab videos too. Such a clever way to make interesting colourful pages. I have collected some magazine cuttings ready to use, and am still searching for more 'eyes' but have not started to stick anything down yet, although I have colour washed a number of pages in readiness. Art Journalling is certainly very addictive. LOL