Monday, 30 July 2012

Accordion Album

About time I started to update with the workshops so far this year. Starting with an old favourite, this album has proved popular, either the smaller size using 6" sq papers or as we did in February 12 x 12". I managed to purchase a huge pad of this size papers by K & C, 360 sheets, which includes 3 of each design for under £20.  Plenty for everyone to choose from. For this album we used 6 sheets.
Accordion Album Front cover

Open Album
Once the sections are made, they can be used to produce a photo cube, which everyone did,  plus paperfolding to produce a box for it to fit into. 

Photo cube

You may like to have a go with this album, so here goes with my first tutorial on here. 
Starting with a 12 x 12 square of paper, make sure it is perfectly square, this makes all the difference to the finished section.  Lay the paper flat, pattern side down. Fold in half and open.

Fold both sides to centre  (cupboard fold).  Open and repeat on opposite side.

Turn paper over, pattern side up and fold all corners to centre as below.

Turn paper over with pattern face down, fold corners to first fold and glue (glue stick) in place as below

Lift the sides and the folds will fall into place, leaving a square in the centre.

Push the sides towards the centre to form a frame, see below

Cut card to insert 5.7/8" square.

Cut card for the spine, and score the centre 4.1/4"

Add glue or double sided tape to both sides of score, ready to insert into the side of each section as below.

Add next section

Six of these sections make up the album, (5 spine squares) though you can use more of less than this. Add a cover to the front, a ribbon behind the back cover and decorate however you like.  If making the photo cube, you will need a total of 12 spine squares. 

Just two of these sections with photos would make a nice gift and will stand on a shelf or mantlepiece nicely.

Will be back soon to share the March project. Until next time..

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


 Ten years on I am still addicted, my new craft room is stacked high
 There is my Cuttlebug and Big Shot both sit ready to take a die
Embossing Folders and fabulous Fades from Tim Holtz stable
In fact all I use from Ranger sits within reach of my craft table

 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads, Powders, Stickles and Glue
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints and Stickyback canvas too
Reinkers for everything and colourful Copic Pens by the score
Chipboard, Stampbord, paper mache and Ideology galore

 Now to the grungeboard, unopened packets fill a drawer
My Craft Stamper magazine stack takes up space on my floor
Grungepaper was a must have, for making roses - it’s like hide
Cut n Dry foam pieces once used are rewashed and dried 

PaperArtsy stamps are a wonderful addition to my haul
Grey board by the sheet, canvas and a Bind it all
There are buttons, brads and eyelets, plus beads by the box
A mixture of charms such as cogs, tiny keys and locks

Broken watches are needed for the popular Steampunk phase
Colourful Utee poured, layered or stamped is the latest craze
A large collection of dominoes and the odd bamboo tile
Not forgetting the wonderful and useful Crop-o-dile 

My ATG tape gun is great and saves so much time
Paper trimmers stacked high as most cannot cut a straight line
Alcohol Inks in their own little box, acrylic dabbers like soldiers on parade
Distress Ink blending tools made from door knobs on a B&Q raid 

Vintage rusty keys and watches and old dictionary book
Just some of the car boot bargains and worth a look
Ten Second Studio, Kabuka molds and metals
Paper stumps and tools to emboss all those petals

 Inka Gold pots and new Distress Stains
Stickyback Canvas plus colourful Core’dinations
All the storage boxes are covered in Zentangles
With oodles of pens to decorate journals and bangles

 Beads of all shapes and sizes fill several trays
Not to mention ever growing collection of mica sprays
My unmounted stamps are stored in large files
Another drawer heavy with all kind of tiles

 But I am happy with it all and I have hours of fun
All the supplies come in handy for workshops I run
I wonder what the next ten years have in store
I must stop adding to the stash and not buy MORE!

a more or less tidyish view of my desk

Monday, 9 July 2012

My Craft Space

Thought it might amuse you to read my scribblings from 10 years ago, relating to my growing craft stash (all true by the way).  Tomorrow I will update with latest 2012 version after we moved.


I started with a plastic box, my craft in which to keep
But bit by bit it spilled out, into drawers it began to creep
One paintbrush grew to twenty, rubber stamps just gathered too.
I surely must have enough now, but still it grew and grew.

Pens and paints now joined the pile, with scissors and stamp pads galore.
Then the punches and peel offs, not forgetting the books on the floor.
There are ribblers and acetate, at least ten types of glue.
Loads of fibres and ribbons, oh and a hot wire tool too.

We soon had to put up more cupboards, for envelopes, foils and cardstock.
With a shelf for the powders and glitters, I hope I don’t get crafters block!
Encaustic art then arrived on the scene; another cupboard was easy to fill.
With demos and workshops growing, even more money I spent at the till.

By now the cupboards were not enough, I had glass paints plus tapes piled high.
Feathers and wire not to mention the beads, “where to put it” said hubby with a sigh!
Craft crept in our second bathroom, yes – you’ve guessed right, the bath had to go!
The cupboards and drawers look better, but a lot of my friends said “oh no”.

I’ve just finished filling the cupboards, with plastics both friendly and shrink.
All my brushes and mulberry paper are handy right next to the sink!
I’ve still to find room for my plaster; the casts are all boxed in the shed
I’ll paint them one day, I promise, there is even more stored under our bed.

Even a shredder comes in handy, to weave for a card – now that’s new!
Pasta bows if I emboss them, become butterflies, I’ve made quite a few.
There are loads I have not mentioned, like parchment and angel hair.
But I have found the answer to storage; it’s with friends my supplies I will share.

The moral of this story and this expensive hobby of mine.
Is think through when you buy that first stamp,
It could multiply to 999
“Yes Emergency – “HEEEEELLLLLP

Until next time....