Monday, 9 July 2012

My Craft Space

Thought it might amuse you to read my scribblings from 10 years ago, relating to my growing craft stash (all true by the way).  Tomorrow I will update with latest 2012 version after we moved.


I started with a plastic box, my craft in which to keep
But bit by bit it spilled out, into drawers it began to creep
One paintbrush grew to twenty, rubber stamps just gathered too.
I surely must have enough now, but still it grew and grew.

Pens and paints now joined the pile, with scissors and stamp pads galore.
Then the punches and peel offs, not forgetting the books on the floor.
There are ribblers and acetate, at least ten types of glue.
Loads of fibres and ribbons, oh and a hot wire tool too.

We soon had to put up more cupboards, for envelopes, foils and cardstock.
With a shelf for the powders and glitters, I hope I don’t get crafters block!
Encaustic art then arrived on the scene; another cupboard was easy to fill.
With demos and workshops growing, even more money I spent at the till.

By now the cupboards were not enough, I had glass paints plus tapes piled high.
Feathers and wire not to mention the beads, “where to put it” said hubby with a sigh!
Craft crept in our second bathroom, yes – you’ve guessed right, the bath had to go!
The cupboards and drawers look better, but a lot of my friends said “oh no”.

I’ve just finished filling the cupboards, with plastics both friendly and shrink.
All my brushes and mulberry paper are handy right next to the sink!
I’ve still to find room for my plaster; the casts are all boxed in the shed
I’ll paint them one day, I promise, there is even more stored under our bed.

Even a shredder comes in handy, to weave for a card – now that’s new!
Pasta bows if I emboss them, become butterflies, I’ve made quite a few.
There are loads I have not mentioned, like parchment and angel hair.
But I have found the answer to storage; it’s with friends my supplies I will share.

The moral of this story and this expensive hobby of mine.
Is think through when you buy that first stamp,
It could multiply to 999
“Yes Emergency – “HEEEEELLLLLP

Until next time....


  1. Great Sheelagh, I know the feeling so well!

  2. Brilliant Sheelagh. I can equate with this and now I have more stuff to store that I bought at The Craft Barn! Help!!


  3. Phil (brother)Monday, July 09, 2012

    Its a room like no other!! The only thing not kept in there is your imagination.

  4. I think we can all relate to this Sheelagh!! Very good!