Friday, 21 June 2013

4" Art Squares and Canvas

At our crafty meetings each month, we decided to hold a 4" swap each month.  I decided to design mine around corrugated board.  Using a mixture of acrylic ink mixed with white gesso to partially cover.  I had prepared lots of embellishments so I ended up making quite a lot of pieces.  The above was the same as the swap piece (but I liked it so much I made another that eventually I used on the canvas below). 

Above is a 16" square canvas I made with other pieces.  It was a gift to my lovely daughter in law. 
I got a bit carried away and went on to make several cards with similar designs but using a finer corrugated cardboard, 15 in total, all slightly different and still enough embellishments over to make more. 




  1. Just love your canvas Sheel and what a fabulous gift/keepsake. I also like making 4 inch squares they are such a handy size :)
    I really must get out of my comfort zone (rut!!) more and use corrugated card as it makes a super background. TFS
    Lynn xx

  2. Wow - absolutley gorgeous - really beautiful - the colours are perfect and that extra texture of the cardboard to brilliant