Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mixed Media Boards

Over the next few posts I shall be sharing the wonderful finished boards
that the members of our Craft Club had great fun with.

Everyone started with a 12" square mdf board, I had sealed one side
 ready for everyone to decide on how they would decorate them,
several ideas were given beforehand including a fabulous
inspirational video by Einett Kessler, which you can find here 
Some of us concentrating!
We all brought along our boxes of treasures to glue to the board, (well some people would
call it junk)  most of us worked completely out of our comfort zone,
but we threw ourselves into it and couldn't wait to see how
they would all take shape. 
Paint, gesso, stencils, inks and extra embellishments were also available.
Here we will start with Tanya's masterpiece,
an absolutely awesome Mixed Media art piece.
Placing of pieces on the board
Using photographs printed onto canvas of her son Theo, she surrounded
these with personal items relating to Theo. 
Part finished
Tanya was the only one of us who decided to use black gesso which has been 
used to great effect, finishing with shimmering ink sprays and alcohol inks. 
Tanya's Mixed Media Board
More next time!

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  1. Isn't it dramatic! A fabulous piece of art work that at first sight doesn't look like it should go together but once the gesso is added with all the inks and treasure gold or similar it comes to life. Love it and well done Tanya :)
    Lynn xx