Thursday, 24 April 2014

Medal Board

Not my usual crafty share but something I worked on recently for my
son Robert's birthday.  Three days spent in the shed with painting
and drilling, but worth it when I gave it to him and saw his look of surprise. 
 So here it is, a board to hold his medals and on the left, hooks and
bulldog clips to hold his running bibs. 
After I had finished painting (3 coats of paint) I didn't like the patchy finish,
 so I gave it a good sanding and it ended up with a sort of denim finish
which I preferred.  I stamped the verse on the left with Archival Ink,
 for "Celebrate Every Mile" letters were from my hoarding pile of Grunge board die cuts
painted with silver Distress Paint.
Medal Board

The verse below seemed appropriate as he is a huge film fan.
Running verse
He runs regularly and has completed quite a few half marathons both here, Paris and Helsinki..
However I may have overdone it with the hooks, but he has plenty of time to fill them up!
Medal board

I purchased a large sheet of mdf  and after cutting the above board
I asked the diy shop to cut the remainder of the sheet into 12" square panels,
ready to use at one of our craft group meetings.  
 A mixed media board is on the cards, just got to organise it now.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic - no wonder the was thrilled.

    I am sure that he can find lots of uses for hooks without medals at the moment. Mementos from his races, his running number, programmes. I am sure the can add loops to them to hang up on the board. You are brilliant

  2. Loved this the first time I saw it. Hope your son loved it especially as so much work and love went int it. Fabulous Sheel and thank you for sharing :)