Thursday, 15 May 2014

Jane's Mixed Media Board

The following photos show the various stages of decorating this wonderful quirky
board by Jane, this is very different and filled
from boxes brought along of all manner of components,
 transistors, capacitors, nuts, bolts, watch parts, circuit boards, fuses,
coiled wire and much more as you can see.
Jane started by adding a design with embossing paste (diy paste)
which you can hardly see in the background but it is there!
Lots of hot gluing for these heavy
components, we nearly ran out of spare sticks!
A few more elements have now been added, but far from finished.
Close up to show the height of components
 Jane chose the photo of her son (who is an Engineer) was of his PhD ceremony,
then used the items as her theme around
the board which I think looks really impressive.
Jayne's Finished Mixed Media Board
Finally Jane sent me this photo of the fantastic finished board,
where some of the components have not been painted over.
 It is fabulous and I love the embossed background design.
 I am sure her son will love it.
A closeup of the embossed background.

More tomorrow!


  1. That is absolutely fantastic! Unique! What a brilliant idea! :) x

  2. How fabulous and I bet her son will be thrilled with it. Now I know I should have let my hubby keep-all-those-bits-that-will-come-in-useful-one-day :) I won't tell him that though!!
    Lynn xx