Friday, 16 May 2014

My Mixed Media Board

Here we go with my board, though I did not have enough boards for everyone,
so I salvaged an old chess board that a friend gave to me, I used the back of it.
I glued the photograph onto the board after covering two layers of gesso,
then brushing over the photo with more glue (I used matt Mod Podge) to protect it. 
 I then used a few stencils and embossing paste (homemade).  Glued down the lace
and started to add the various treasures/junk that I had ready to fill it with. 
The photo is of my two wonderful grandchildren and was taken last year when
we visited Butterfly World in St. Albans. 
They have enormous terra cotta pots everywhere and this photograph was inside a broken pot.
The frame surround on the photo is from an old clock I took to pieces. As you can see there are numerous items here unrelated.  My intended theme was to be "Time Flies" hence the clock and watch face relating to our grandchildren that grow so quickly. 
 I could still add these words somewhere later.
I used acrylic ink sprays to build up the layers of colour,
 taking care to dry between each colour.  Finishing with a shimmer spray
 (distress inks mixed with Perfect Pearls and water in a mister).
 I also added tiny accent beads before spraying.  Leaving the centre a lighter
colour to lead the eye to the photograph. 
The actual board is lighter than it appears above.
The following a few closer shots.  Since taking these photographs
I have highlighted some areas with white gesso.
I really enjoyed working on a larger area and will definitely make another when
I find the time.
More tomorrow.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Sheel, just love the whole thing. I must make something like this, your work inspires me. I shall have to do the smaller house shaped version first though :)
    Lynn xx