Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Steampunk Box

At last, time to catch up after a busy few weeks.   Last Wednesday, at the workshop I run locally each month, we had fun decorating a jewelery box in a "Steampunk" style,  perhaps to keep all the Tim Holtz metal creations or just found costume jewelery bits to break up and use again.  Everyone chose different colour paints which produced a variety of boxes, some used the metal embossed tape supplied or just painted the sides.
We decorated a board with different items then overlayed it with a wide sheet of foil tape, using a paper stump to define them.  Painted with chosen acrylic paint then brushed over with metallic paint on raised areas.  (Gary Reef inspired).  When complete this was adhered to the top of the box.

The metal flowers on the top of the box are from the great instructions from Lin Brown on LBCrafts blog (sorry I have not worked out yet how to add a link to her blog) so go check the blog.  Here is a closeup, showing the leaves, which are skeleton leaves dipped in UTEE, plus a beaded stick pin.

close up

Open box

There is a tray provided with the box that sits in the top, but I suggested it might be a good idea to use it separately as a shadow box.  Several decided to keep theirs to decorate at home, but a few decided to paint it and use it in the box.  I did take my camera along but the battery and the spare were dead, shame as it was a picture looking around the hall at all the painted lids, drawers, boxes  and trays.
I had great fun with this tray and although I was in a rush placing all the items, it did turn out okish.

I had a great time at the Stamperama show in Stevenage yesterday, lots to see and buy. Great demo's from Jennie at The Stamp Connection and not forgetting the gorgeous waxy flower and owl that Hels Sheridan demonstrated.  Plus of course Lin on LBCrafts stand, awesome. Must give them all a try.

Lastly I am more than excited and counting the days until THE "Tim Holtz" event on 25th of this month, run by ArtsyCrafts by the wonderful Lin and Leandra duo.  It promises to be fabulous.  I cannot wait.

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  1. Hey Sheelagh! Great to see you are still doing gorgeous crafty stuff!