Thursday, 20 October 2016

Harston Mixed Media Clay Mosaic Workshop - September 2016

Here to share the results of a workshop I ran in September for our craft club members,
we used Air dry Clay by Fimo, this particular clay can be cured in a microwave
which is ideal to create, cure, paint and glue to a board on the same day
instead of waiting for the clay to dry within 24 hours.
Here is one of my board samples.
Another which was my original sample
Tanya enjoyed putting all these tiles together.
Lisa had fun and included family names here and there
with a space for a family photo to add later
Jane's board is fab and I love the monochrome colours used
with a pop of red.
Here is the finished board
Jane's board before painting.
Pamela took her time to paint her tiles
and brought her nearly finished board along for us to see in October
for this photo.
Must give a huge credit for the inspiration for my boards to Laurie Mika and her fabulous book Mixed Media Mosaics that sadly I think is out of print now.  Though she uses
polymer clay and I adapted some of her techniques to use for air dry clay, it was still more than inspirational.  Until next time.