Monday, 26 October 2015

October Harston Club Swap

Great swap this month, though only between Annie and I.
We also caught up with our crafty chat
I stamped and painted santa hats to use on my cards.
I have had no time to craft during September as my darling daughter
was admitted to critical care unit with pneumonia and blood
poisoning. Within hours into an induced coma, then dialysis. They treated
her for Legionnaires Disease.  For two weeks it was critical, but am happy to
say she is home now and slowly recovering.
This closely followed with my dear husband going into hospital a week
ago for a hip replacement, he too is doing well and needing a lot of TLC xx
Here is my door hanger (made a while back and lucky to have it to hand for this swap).
 I stamped the main image onto tissue
paper and glued it to the background.
Annie decorated this tiny Paper Mache suitcase, with wonderful flowers
and framed image. Finished inside with decorative papers.  Smashing Annie!
We meet for the final time next month (this year) when I will run
a Christmas Canvas Workshop, so will take lots of photos
of the busy crafting ladies and their finished pieces.
Until next time....

Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Harston Craft Swaps

Well our crafty members certainly rose to the challenge
this month, using just a small box frame
they have produced creative fabulous altered art pieces.
This is my swap, all the elementsI used are formed
from air dry clay, painted brown and
highlighted with acrylic silks.

Liz has mounted the box onto a board,
so much to look at. Each section papered with
decorative papers, absolutely smashing creative art work.
Pamela has decorated the background of each section
with lovely tiles using air dry clay.  Adding
her decorative embossed elements, gorgeous!
Annie has used the box as a base to add
all the wonderful coloured flowers, butterflies and die cuts as
embellishments to go beyond the base, fabulous!
Fabulous swaps, now looking forward to next month, these
are the items I provided to choose from I
took the pic looking into the bag they were in.
Until next time...