Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Club Swaps

Wow is all I can say about this months swaps.
Liz provided us last month with mdf blanks from her stash of goodies
and everyone rose to the challenge again.
Here is a butterfly shape I decorated with inspiration
from the lovely frame Jane made last month.
I added the boobies for fun...
Liz decorated this board which is amazing,
fabulous painting detail and colours are fab.
(I was the lucky recipient)
Tanya created around a giant peg, gorgeous colours used.
Jane's hanger is wonderful, I love the flowers used.
One of my favourite bird stamps used here too.
Pamela went to town with a teapot shape
to show a Alice tea party, so much work in this design.
Last but certainly not least, Annie also decorated
a butterfly shape and used some of Liz's stamp designs which are awesome.
We had to say goodbye to Fred today, or we should
really call her Freda with all the flowers that adorned her.
Tanya has been bringing her along each month
to gesso then cover her with printed tissue paper.
This month she added final flowers and other bits, she
is finally finished.
Tanya kindly provided from her stash for our swap
next month, I have the birdy blanks.  Better get my thinking cap on.