Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mixed Media Christmas Workshop

Another great day with crafty friends creating festive boards.
I supplied the boards and other supplies to decorate
two sizes.
The 12"square boards were for the Wreath Design
I had sealed all the boards with Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer.
We used a large paper doily, removed the centre panel and used
this as a guide for the layout of the embellishments.
Once glued to the board and dry, we added two coats of gesso then
choice of paint for background.
Liz decided to use black gesso for her background
 and more work to complete later.
Tanya had a great time with her board and red metallic paint before
attaching her collection of goodies and the only one to
finish her board, well done.
The 12 x 18" boards were ideal for the Christmas Tree design.
I supplied some lace but some members provided their own.
These were cut and glued to the board to form the
texture background for the tree shape from a template.
Two coats of gesso covered the lace and board ready to
attach the embellishments.
Burlap used for the pot at the base of the tree.
Annie had exquisite lace for her background tree, far too nice
to cover.  Here she has laid out some of her
embellishments ready to attach and finish later.
Jan decided to use very intricate die cut leaves that she
had painted for her tree which she will add to later.
I hope to see it when she has finished it.
Margaret had taken the time to lay out her design and
removed them before I had a chance to photograph them,
another to look forward to seeing finished.
Jane had a wealth of baubles to use for her board
which is very effective.
Maggie again has laid out some items ready to attach
but will have a search at home to find more.
As you can see there is still a lot of work to do to finish
some of these boards and I look forward to seeing
and hopefully sharing them on here.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful last workshop for the year,
looking forward to seeing you all again in February.
Back later with photos of my wreath and tree boards.....


  1. I am so envious of your workshops - wish I lived nearer, I would love to be part of them

  2. Just love your Christmas tree Sheelagh, it is stunning. Where do you get your metal flowers?

    Beautiful pennants from you and Annie, Love Annie's envelope too.
    Everyone looks as though they are enjoying themselves at your workshops and, like Lottie, wish I could join in the fun. Love the mixed media boards work in progress except for Tanya who had completed her's and gorgeous it is too. Love those intricate die cut leaves Jan is using. All fabulous. xxx