Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Paper Mache Book Box

Decorating a paper mache book box became the project for August.  Black paint used to paint the box (I know black paint again, but read on) and dried thoroughly.  This was then transformed with a technique I discovered by accident.  It might not be new of course, but it was to me.

My sample box

Another Sample on fabric using transfer artist paper method

Both the above images are taken from Lynne Perrella design stamps available from PaperArtsy.

Using felt on an applicator, 2 – 3 colours of Alcohol ink (generous squeeze) then a line of Pearl Mixative over the top of the inks.  This was then pounced over the black paint, it takes a few minutes to dry and show the lovely pearl along with the ink colours used.  Normally you would not see the inks on black paint, but the pearl brings them to surface.  This also works on black or any dark card. 


I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at The Craft Barn Extravaganza  and the end of June (meeting up with forum friends and organized by Sara from Cardmaking Paradise website) for details of the forum see here    Two of these ideas I managed to use to embellish the book box.

Elle and Liz

First we used TAP a Transfer Artist Paper demonstrated by Jean Hardy of Crafty Individuals, wonderful stuff, and so easy to use, which I loved.  You could print an image using an Ink Jet printer then transfer.  But for this project an image was stamped onto TAP colour added with copic pens.  Placed face down onto cotton cloth and ironed to transfer. Further colour can be added using metallic gel pens.  This cloth was then attached to card using spray adhesive, then mounted onto black card stamped with text using Brilliance Pearlescent Ink Pad.


Christine and Angie

The next technique shared by the fab Liz Welch with her famous Friendly Plastic oozing technique that she has perfected.   Start with a small square of non stick craft sheet, aluminium foil placed over.  Cut the FP to suit the size of the cutter, in our case it is a small heart.  Heat the FP until shiny and flexible (careful not to overheat).  Place lace over, then cutter down, lift aluminium with FP and cutter etc. quickly and push from underneath using your fingers to ooz the FP through the lace.  Drop all into cold water to set, when cool remove cutter and trim round the shape.  Because the back is hollow silicone glue was ideal to adhere to box.

Close up of Friendly Plastic Oooozed through lace

Julie and ?


After we had cleared the tables away,  with a couple remaining, a few of us stayed on to make paper beads.  I had lengths of chain I cut to size and added toggles, beads and charms can be added later for a lightweight bracelet.  These so easy to make, I used a quilling tool and scrapbook paper.

Below are a few photographs of items I have made using the paper beads.  The fourth photo shows a super spinning earring holder (that my son found and bought for me) these show the various earrings I made to share with friends at the Extravaganza weekend.

Paper Bead Bracelet

Paper Bead Necklace and Earrings

Paper Beads stretch bracelts using odd beads between.

Earring Spinner with Paper Bead Earrings

Another great day spent with crafting friends.  Well that has brought all the workshops up todate, with September project coming up I shall have to get my thinking cap on, it is a good excuse to play with different ideas.  Until next time....


  1. Hi Sheelagh! The black paint you use on your boxes - it looks to be very matte.... Is it just ordinary acrylic? Cheers, Linda Hart

    1. Hi Linda, Yes matt black acrylic, it is the same finish as the little boxes I made you all for Craft Barn Extravaganza. It is the pearl that brings out the colours of the alcohol inks.
      Sheel x