Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mixed Media Art Journal

Here we are with snippets of the Journal from April workshop.  The first task was to decorate the covers for the journal, all were supplied with an array of die cuts which enabled them to choose their own design.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera for that day, so only my sample journal and pages are shown below.

We painted the covers, glued on the die cuts (from several provided), added lettering and embellished with pens and rub n buff. We then bound the journal ready to jazz up with inks and stamps.  This was also to encourage those that had a Bind it All machine... to actually use it!  Hopefully this was proved a success.
Journal Covers

Out came the stencils, colour wash and glimmer mists, gesso, stamps and pens.  First step was to cover all the pages with colour, thereby getting rid of the starkness of the white pages.  The first two pages I managed to complete were from drawing round my hands with a marker and filling in with all manner of doodles.  Highlighting with white Posca pens.  The following pages I have yet to complete, but show the various colours and stencils used.  Odd wording dotted around, some partly hidden.

Doodled hands

Close up of doodling

Lots more work required to add to these pages, but I am looking forward to finishing the journal. 

For some reason when drawing and filling in the hand pages, I felt quite emotional.  I jumped ahead to a time when perhaps my grand children could place their hands where mine had once been. I quite liked that thought.   Then came the surprise of when my daughter spied these pages, she requested I cut them out of the journal so that she could frame them.  Ohhhhh coming from a non crafting daughter, praise indeed Ha Ha.  Must stop waffling.  Will be back soon to share the fabulous time we had in May with our mosaic air dry clay tiles.  Til then...

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  1. Gorgeous journal pages, and worthy praise indeed!
    Hope you are well.