Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ad Hoc Crafting

The September workshop proved very different from the usual.  I provided various items from my seemingly unending collection of  "too good to miss out on a bargain" accumulated stuff.  Wooden frames, Bisque, Plaster, Paper Mache boxes of all shapes and sizes.  Supplies available for everyone to paint and decorate as each person decided.  A sample of one of the boxes was provided as a guide but everyone had a go and although I did not take photographs of all the finished items, here are a few, starting with my sample box.

Steampunk style sample box.

Mirror by Tanya

Box by Elizabeth

Bisque painted by Christine (holding paper bead bracelet made on the day)

Plaster painted by Angie

Box painted and decorated using paper napkin by Margaret B.

Fabulous day I wish I had taken more photographs of all the finished items.  We ended the day making paper beads and went on to make stretch bracelets and earings for many of those remaining in the afternoon.  Here are a few pics of the finished beads, plus many more I managed to make while on holiday, a bit addictive I must say, but now I have to find a use for them.

Paper Beads

Close up of varnished beads

Glitter varnished paper beads.

  Coming up.....exploding scrapbook boxes, another great workshop from October.  Until then...

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  1. Those beads certainly were addictive Sheelagh, I went home and spent the evening making many more! Like you though, I must find a use for them ...... perhaps something for another workshop day?