Monday, 31 August 2015

August Harston Swaps and Mixed Media Heart Workshop

The swap this month was in fact a delayed
swap from the previous month between
Liz and Jane who were unable to attend in July. 
We did not have a general swap as we
had the Heart workshop plus I did not provide
items for the swap last month, very naughty of me to forget.
The first swap is a fabulous box that Liz decorated
using her own stamp (Elizabeth Borer) designs.

also decorated on the inside with gorgeous papers.
Here is a Extra Large Peg that Jane decorated
with a wonderful image. Both sides have the same lovely image.

Now onto our heart workshop, using the same methods as in the June workshop
we covered the canvas with white gesso, adding strips of lace and
random areas of embossing paste through stencils. 
A template was provided for the heart shape, Liz decided to use an oval shape
for hers. I provided all the supplies such as metal flowers, beads, charms,
wooden and clay embellishments and die cuts plus a host of extras if required
though I would guess that everyone had enough supplies to make another canvas.
Annie and Linda have finished their canvases,
more work to do on the others.



Below are the items I provided for the September swap.
They are just a few of the trays that I have accumulated when
purchasing the small wooden embellishments for workshops mostly.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone fills these mini trays.


  1. Oh what scrumptious looking craftiness you all created! And Elizabeth using one of her own stamps! I must try and find it.

    I am so looking forward to seeing what you all create with those mini trays! Quite an exciting challenge!

  2. They are all absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your workshop, it was the best ever! If my back injury wasn't so bad, I would have loved to join you!

    Off to Google Elizabeth 's stamps!