Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mixed Media Board - September Workshop

We enjoyed a busy and absorbing day putting our boards together, unfortunately I forgot to take photographs on the day, apart from a quick snap with my phone after I answered a call. So many are missing from this photograph.

I made my board for my son and daughter-in-law, I tried to include small items that related to both of them.

I first positioned and glued the photograph then used diy embossing paste through stencils directly onto the board, glued down pieces of lace.  Prepared the heart frame and embossed small leaves.  When all dry, attach all the various items using hot glue gun.  When complete, cover all but the photo with white gesso, dry and spray a variety of inks around, dabbing excess.

My finished board


This closeup reveals the lace glued to the base which gives a good textured background.




We all had a great time, though it flew by.  A thoroughly enjoyable day.

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  1. A beautiful board Sheelagh, so much detail to see and it is one of those boards where you will always find something else that you missed the first dozen times :) Love the flip flops, pussy cat, bottle opener and the 1001 other bits! Just love it.
    Lynn xx