Monday, 11 August 2014

Encaustic Wax Tutorial

Here as promised, an encaustic wax tutorial with the cat pennant .  I thoroughly enjoyed using the waxes, I shall have to get them out to play more often.

Supplies used are at the end of the tutorial.
I stamped onto glossy card (cut to shape) with Memento Ink and dry.
The eyes are coloured with pale blue and the nose
with pale pink Marvey watercolour pens, dry.
Using a small iron on medium heat, held plate uppermost,
melting two brown waxes onto the plate. A little clear wax also added.
The iron should be hot enough to melt the wax but
not run off the iron.  Too cool and it will
not melt and blend on the card.

Hold the card with one hand and tap the centre of the iron onto the card , when lifted
this leaves a suction effect on the card, continue until the card is covered. 
(I hold the card because if you place it on a flat surface and lay the iron and wax down
onto the card, it will leave marks from the edge of the iron.
The suction effect on the card looks a little like fur)
The wax will cool quickly.  Scrape the wax gently from the eyes and nose.
I use a wooden spatula, but any tool similar will do.
Use a bradawl or pointed tool to scrape along the whiskers
Use a soft cloth to remove the scraped pieces of wax.
I decided to create a border,  I placed the pennant down onto
scrap paper, (clean the iron)  use only the heat of the iron to move the
wax already on the card.  I lay the side of the iron along the edge
and wiped it along, repeating all round.
To add further interest, using the point of the iron I placed it down
and quickly lifted to once again create a design all round the pennant.
Here you can see the repeated edge design and the shine of the
wax after lightly polishing with a soft cloth.
The pennant is then mounted onto black card a shade larger.
I then decided to decorate the black card using an encaustic stylus and silver wax, with a
 nib that melts and collects the molten wax, I can then draw or
make marks with the tip.
This is the finished pennant.
Travel Iron
Pigment Waxes
Glossy Card
Ink Pad
Watercolour pens 
If you have any questions, leave a comment please.
My love of encaustic painting started around 20 years ago, when I attended an Art show at Islington with a friend.  I watched fascinated as Michael Bossom demonstrated with wax and iron.  Of course I was sold, bought the kit and consigned most of my attempts in the bin. 
Moving on another year and I became hooked on all the various finishes that could be achieved.  I started selling cards and paintings at local craft fairs, shops and a market stall (via a friend).  When attending the craft shows I demonstrated with my iron and the waxes while my lovely  grand daughters Kayleigh and Antonia managed the sales.  Happy memories 
In fact the very first rubber stamps I purchased were only for waxing over.
Until next time......


  1. Fabulous Sheel - I haven't seen this process for years!

  2. Fascinating Sheel and so very effective. Thank you for showing us how you achieved this beautiful pennant. I remember watching a young lady at a show creating gorgeous pictures with wax and an iron, I was transfixed! She did let me have a little play afterwards but my attempts were utter rubbish :)

  3. Wow this is absolutely AMAZING - totally awesome - the cats eyes are captivating - they really 'stare' at you don't they. I have never seen this technique before - it is truly mesmorising