Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Button Canvas (Double Sided)

I know, buttons and more buttons, but I do have quite a lot of so many different texture and shaped buttons that I have collected for years, it seemed a shame not to use a few of them for this project.

I did show on 6th August an 8" canvas I covered with buttons, this sat on my craft room window sill.  I then had a brain wave and decided to decorate the back of the canvas as well, using a Mucha image for the inset, it is now double sided and I get a choice of which side to view and the neighbours get to see the other.

I painted all the buttons and background with black gesso (though you could use black paint).  Highlighted with Lummiere Halo Gold, Luna Light teal, and Treasure Gold Aquamarine and White Fire.

Button Canvas back view

Below is the front view

Button Canvas - front view


  1. Gorgeous way to use buttons. Don't they add wonderful dimension and texture. Fantastic colours . Tracy x

  2. Yay Sheelagh's done a blog post :) You are a wonderfully talented lady and Id love to have a rummage in your craft room. You may have to do an inventory though before I called :)
    Love your collection of buttons Sheelagh and I love this piece too. When I grow up I hope to be like you! Thank you for the inspiration and for challenging me out of my craft rut :)
    Lynn xx