Thursday, 10 March 2011

Finished at last

Just completed placing all the various items that we received with the box plus one or two extras.  I did manage to purchase a second one while at the event, so now need to get my thinking cap on for a theme that would suit.

Tims Configeration Box

Onwards now to prepare for next months workshop,  now that my craft room is tidyish!   Having said that I have found long lost items in the clear up, bonus or what! Until next time....


  1. Love it! Every finished box I've seen from the class has been great!

  2. Love the shoe and those mini weights. Love how it turned out..x

  3. Love it Sheelagh. Love the fact that every one's is sooo different!

    Speak soon


  4. lovely interpretation of the configuration box!
    that class was a blast wasn't it!

  5. Great box Sheelagh :)) if you are coming next week, please can I see it ???

  6. Great box! Love how you have added extra pieces to the front and how the dangling pearl chain flows out of its box.

  7. Looks great! I love how you look at these and have to keep going back for another peek.
    I was in a daze - wish you had grabbed hold of me when you saw me - fleeting though it must have been. Shame we were on different days - maybe next time!

  8. A pricesless piece of art dear Sheelagh! We expect a wonderful creation everytime you finish a project!